Attention customers, those looking for raw milk and the Vermont Department of Agriculture:  We are NOT milking any cows at this time and therefore NOT selling raw milk. Please check back next year to see if milk is available.   Thanks.

Lathe Farm sells 100% grass-fed raw milkcertified organic by VOF.

We are a small farm in Vermont’s beautiful Northeast Kingdom.  We have 23 acres of pasture and hay land, so our herd is small–fewer than ten cows–and we are seasonal (milking May through December).  During the grazing season we provide fresh paddocks every day and we feed our own dry hay in the winter with free choice kelp, salt and minerals available all year.

Calves are born on pasture in the spring and early summer when the grass is lush, and they are raised by cows, not by bottles! For at least a month, they enjoy unlimited nursing, grooming and play. At weaning, they are only separated by one strand of wire, which reduces stress.  The herd is mostly Milking Shorthorn, with some Jersey crosses.

On occasion we also have family cows, steers, pastured poultry, eggs, grass-fed beef, and Shetland fleeces for sale.

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