Cows for Sale

All cows are 100% grass fed and certified Organic by VOF.  Calves are born on pasture in the spring and stay with their mothers for at least two full months before switching to a nurse cow at the end of summer.  We like Milking Shorthorn and Dutch Belted breeds because they do so well without grain, breeding and calving easily.

Fanny: Shorthorn x Jersey, born 5/09.  Very friendly, loves to be scratched. Should be bred in August. Granddaughter of our best cow, Daisy. $1,400.


Ellie: Registered Milking Shorthorn, born 4/06.  Halter trained, can be milked by hand or machine.  $1,400 or $1,500 with heifer calf born 6/11. SOLD





Ellie’s daughter Ginger (born 6/10). $1,000.







Bobbin: Dutch Belted x Jersey, born 5/07.  Excellent nurse cow, currently being machine milked.  $1,000 or $1,100 with her bull calf, Pudding, born 6/11.  SOLD



Ivey:  Shorthorn x Jersey, born 4/10.  Beautiful cow, ready to be bred for spring calving. Another of Daisy’s granddaughters. $1,000.



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  1. missy says:

    i would be interested in a price on a bull calf only thank you